Good Riddance

Response to Carrot Ranch’s February 9 Flash Fiction Challenge: Rainbow in a Puddle

Kelly descended the front steps, leaving her first love in the doorway. Sliding behind the wheel, she ran her hand over the many tears in the leather seat and tugged firmly on the belt. She cranked her window down, using a pair of pliers gifted to her by her father when she left home; a man who truly adored her. Crisp air flowed over her, creating a lightness that gave her the moxie to reach out and wave goodbye.

With mirrors in place and a blinking oil light, she vanished with a smile, leaving rainbow puddles in her wake.


5 thoughts on “Good Riddance

  1. I agree — that last line rocks! I also love the idea of “leaving her first love in the doorway.” So many heartstrings tugged. And the pliers — a tool a man who truly loved her gave her — made me laugh (been there, done that!). Wonderful~

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